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Service plans

Relax. With Dacia Service Plans, make owning a Dacia nice and simple.

For ultimate convenience , you can purchase a Dacia service plan with either a one-off payment or monthly payments, to make sure your Dacia is in good hands for the coming years. It really is the hassle-free way to take care of your Dacia car.

  • Inflation proof servicing
  • Dacia expertise
  • Full peace of mind
  • Ultimate convenience


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Dacia service plans

Extended warranty

Dacia warranty

The Dacia Extended Warranty is available to purchase whilst your vehicle is within its manufacturers contractual warranty (3 years from the date of first registration or 60,000 miles (whichever comes first)).


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Certificate of Conformity

A certificate of conformity is issued to show that the technical characteristics of the vehicle complies with a range of safety and environmental standards.  You will need one if you are:

  • Exporting your vehicle abroad
  • Returning to the UK with a vehicle previously registered in the UK
  • Importing your vehicle from the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland


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