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Service plans

Relax. With Dacia Service Plans, make owning a Dacia nice and simple.

For ultimate convenience , you can purchase a Dacia service plan with either a one-off payment or monthly payments, to make sure your Dacia is in good hands for the coming years. It really is the hassle-free way to take care of your Dacia car.

  • Inflation proof servicing
  • Dacia expertise
  • Full peace of mind
  • Ultimate convenience


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Dacia service plans

Certificate of Conformity

A certificate of conformity is issued to show that the technical characteristics of the vehicle complies with a range of safety and environmental standards.  You will need one if you are:

  • Exporting your vehicle abroad
  • Returning to the UK with a vehicle previously registered in the UK
  • Importing your vehicle from the Channel Islands or Northern Ireland


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